Entry 12-14mph

For those new to cycling or coming back from injury, this provides a 10-12 mile ride around Hornchurch and Upminster

Sunday 16-18mph

Our main event, the Sunday ride. Run at medium and fast speeds

Social 14-16mph

A great introduction to group riding techniques, speed and distance, taking around 25-30 miles. Followed by a coffee!

Training 18mph+

Specific rides aimed at those at the quickest club pace or interested in racing.

Gruppetto 18mph

Bridges social riding and the group riding techniques needed for the Sunday rides, shorter than a Sunday, but punchier!

Chaingang 20mph+

Group riding to maximise pace - and sweat. Only for the disciplined riders.


Meeting Point

Unless otherwise publicised, The Club meets in the car park of the Queen's Theatre, on Billet Lane in Hornchurch.

Please arrive five minutes before the ride, as they leave promptly.

Entry Ride 12-14mph

On Wednesday evenings in Summer months, a ride of 10-12 miles, at around 12 mph is lead, aimed at those new to cycling.

In early Autumn we move the beginners ride to Saturday morning, starting Wednesday again when evening light returns.

The ride sticks together from start to finish and is design to encourage new and returning riders.

In the winter months when both rides run on a Saturday, beginners will either run as a shorter version of the Social, or if suitable numbers turn up, as a distinct ride.


Social 14-16mph

The Saturday Social ride goes up to 30 miles and occasionally further. The route is purposely not announced, to ensure the focus remains on the orderly following of the Ride Leader, with the aim being to take on group riding techniques and push distance.

The ride will stick together and no one will be dropped.

Gruppetto & Peleton

The Saturday "Gruppetto" rides are faster rides for people who want to develop themselves into faster riding.  These are non-drop rides, but riders are expected to push themselves. This acts as a bridge between Saturday Social riding and Sunday drop rides. Usually, the Gruppetto rides are a higher pace, but shorter distance - the aim being to improve collaborative and closer group riding for those taking part.

The nature of this ride puts a greater expectation on the standard of riding within a group. The aim being for a group to maintain a higher average speed through draughting and rotation than could be maintained as individuals.

As with the Social, a route will only be published to Ride Leaders, thus enforcing a structured ride.

Those who are seen as being too quick to upset the balance of the ride will be asked to move to another more suitable group.


Sunday 16-18mph

On Sunday we run our main Club ride with medium and fast rides when numbers allow, sometimes with a Social paced ride too. Routes are posted for a month in advance, giving riders a chance to load these onto their bike computers.

It is expected that riders have reviewed the route distance, speed and climbs to ensure they are capable, for both themselves and the group they'll ride with. While the group will stop for mechanicals and punctures, it is expected that a rider who cannot keep up is able to navigate their way home.

Faster/Training Rides 18MPH+

There are often faster groups that are organised on an ad-hoc basis,  focused on sharpening overall power and endurance profile within a group setting. These rides operate at a high tempo, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure.

Your ride leader will be able to guide you accordingly.


Chaingang 20mph+

As weather allows, we look to host a training ride mid-week. These range from short chaingang style speed work to sprints. This ride is strictly members only, due to it’s technical nature. We will disclose locations and times through internal communications.


If you are looking to get into racing and establishing yourself in the local scene, please speak to us.

Racing Dunton


We share our rides on our Strava club group. Last year club members collectively rode in excess of 240,000 miles. This group is for members only.

Garmin Connect

Our growing collection of over 100 local, national and even some international routes is shared on our club Garmin Connect page, ready to be loaded on Garmin devices for navigation. This group is again for members only.