‘The Hook’ Challenge

18th to 19th May 2018
Four countries, three ferries, one sea, one channel, several canals and lots of fun.

Here is my proposal for a challenge ride in May and I’d love for you to join us.

Like last year I don’t mind organising and will delegate tasks, with my caveats of work and family commitments.

If you’re looking for a training target where you’ll have fun, here it is. Don’t worry about distance focus on the adventure.

Challenge Itinerary
Grand depart Hornchurch at 6pm (Friday) to Harwich (90km).
Catch the 11pm ferry at Harwich overnight to the Hook of Holland.
Ghost stories, knock door ginger, bed slams.
Docking at 8am at the Hook of Holland.
Approximately 220km (~20km of ferries) across the very flat (400m elevation gain) of South Holland, Zeeland, Belgium and France within 11 hours. Majority cycle paths. Very tight timings.
Catch the 8pm ferry from Dunkirk. (Possible option to stay overnight instead)
Pasta and sleep.
Dock at Dover at ~ 9pm GMT and ride home over North downs (100km). (Possible option to stay overnight instead)

Budget (approximate)

Harwich ferry
Single with bike £47
4 berth cabin = £85

So based on ten riders dividing costs =
(3×85 = 255)/10 = 25.5 + ((7* 47)/10 = 32.90) = £58.4
Dunkirk ferry £25

Basic travel costs ~= £85

plus food drink
plus hotel stay if we slip times.

Next Steps

Riders to make confirmation so we can book Harwich ferry cabins.
Taking learnings from last year we should be able to accommodate riders who decide late to join us, as long as we book cabins with a core committed team.

PK to set up rider matrix and update details from L2P24.

PK to create the overall plan. I’ve provisionally looked at the route, a risk is ferry crossings in Holland timing and getting to Dunkirk in time but the route seems picturesque. Will we be hit by a headwind?

Offer to riders in training and racing group, encourage the usual suspects.


I can find no template as yet for a similar ride.

Albeit this is a challenging ride there is an option for other less athletic riders to join the group. For example, have an overnight stay in either Brugge/Dunkirk/Dover.
However, the 200km ride on the continent cannot be impeded as it’s extremely tight on time and that’s the challenge. We need to work as a unit. I’ll need to delegate to someone to offer this to the wider HCC.

Route will use part of the North sea/EuroVelo 12 route

This is going to be a super ride!

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